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Full details of scheduled server and network maintenance, software upgrades, and other important Service, Network, and Server Announcements are displayed below.

Cymnet Announcements - all years

Server hardware maintenance - buckley, (In Progress)

This announcement has been updated with the following:

Apologies, this work did not go ahead as planned, and has been rescheduled to 10pm on Thursday the 11th of October.

Posted: 11 October 2018
By: Paul Dancey

Server hardware maintenance - buckley, (In Progress)

This server will be shut down just after 10pm (BST) tonight, 10th of October, for some important hardware maintenance. At the same time we will be adding to the hardware specification, so the server's performance should be increased after the work is complete.

Downtime should be limited to no more than 15 minutes.

You do not need to do anything to prepare for this work, and we're not expecting any site behaviour changes after the work is completed - your sites should work as before.

Posted: 10 October 2018
By: Paul Dancey

MySQL remote access security changes - (Completed)

If you do not connect to MySQL using another server, or your computer you should not need to worry or make any changes related to this announcement.

As part of recent updates and audits, we are changes how MySQL access is controlled on our platforms. From 20/09/2018, greater restrictions on remote access to MySQL are being implemented. From this point on, only IP addresses listed in the cPanel 'Remote MySQL' list will be allowed access to the MySQL server from remote locations.

Posted: 20 September 2018
By: Paul Dancey

Scheduled MYSQL upgrade (Completed)

As part of our commitment to security and performance in our webhosting environment, we are upgrading MySQL on our servers from version 5.6 to version 5.7. This is an important change to ensure continued compatibility with current and future software, and ensuring the stability and security of services for all customers.

For most customers this change will have minimal impact on your sites hosted with us. Most popular software such as Joomla or Wordpress will be fully compatible and will not require any changes, however this may be a good time to check that your installation is up-to-date. Some bespoke software could experience problems if it has been designed around earlier versions of MySQL and we ask all clients to ensure custom code is compatible with the newer version of MySQL. If unsure about this please speak to your web developer.

The upgrade to 5.7 is not reversible, and version 5.6 is no longer supported by the maker.

For more detailed info about this upgrade please visit The Official MYSQL web page.

The upgrade is scheduled to start between the 13th of September 2018, and the 14th of September 2018. Further confirmation will be posted closer to the time of this scheduled upgrade.


Update - 14 September 2018

This work has now been completed

Posted: 14 September 2018
By: Paul Dancey

High Load - Buckley (Resolved)

This server is currently experiencing a high load which may be causing some issues with stability and access.

The matter is currently under investigation and further information will follow as it becomes available.

Posted: 23 July 2018
By: Paul Dancey

Cymnet Announcements last updated: 11 October 2018 at 02:51:29 PM

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